A home or office space should lift the spirits. The rudimentary purpose of a building is to provide shelter, but in the hands of the right architect, it can frame space and capture light in a life-enhancing way. At The Cedars Oasis, we sell homes and offices that inspire us. Our portfolio is carefully curated and extensively researched, with images by editorial photographers.

Limassol, the most cosmopolitan city in Cyprus, has emerged as a fast developing hub, accommodating one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean transit trade and the largest port in Cyprus.

Limassol boasts immense business appeal as one of the most important tourist, trade, banking and service providing centers in the cross-section of Europe-Africa-Middle East, whilst remaining renowned for its long-standing cultural traditions, hospitality and environmentally friendly living.

For those who enjoy sports or an outdoor lifestyle, this Mediterranean city is the perfect place to visit or in which to reside permanently, with almost 330 days of beautiful sunny weather and warm nights.

Centrally located between two international airports and a stunning seafront promenade, Limassol is an ideal and affordable place in which to invest.

Cedars Oasis has one of the most prestigious and well-known addresses in all of Cyprus – right on Limassol's Makarios III Avenue, linking the modern day city center to the seafront promenade and historic town sites.

It stands on one of the most strategic, busiest and fashionable quarters in Limassol's Central district, surrounded by plush gardens on the one side, and the intersection of the commercial and offshore banking hubs on the other.

Designed as a mixed-use building of retail, office and high-end residential space, it is built around direct pedestrian routes across the site with its own exclusive drive-in alleyway off of Makarios avenue itself. The project affords owners and tenants the highest ratio of outdoor and underground parking space per unit of capacity of any building in Limassol, coupled with very modern, high-end, and energy-efficient building specifications.

Special consideration has been given by the renowned architects and designers to create a sophisticated, highly refined and attractive environment, with the luxury of light. Breathtaking views, expansive windows and high ceilings give each room a feeling of real space and openness, hence establishing oneness between structure and natural environment. Each office and each apartment is an architectural delight, constructed from the highest standards of marble, wood and aluminum.

Cedars Oasis will set new standards in design quality, seamlessly combining urban living with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, with state-of-the-art finishing's and technology. Like most worldly buildings of its class, it will be equipped with the latest BMS (Building Management System) that will help ensure a timely and safe management of the premises.

The Structural elements are designed in a manner which allows a unique flexibility to suit individual taste and requirements in order to match the buyer's specific needs.

Cedars Oasis truly rises as an oasis of both incoming and outgoing light during the day and night, respectively, with panoramic views of the sea, promenade and the marina to the south, and the stunning mountains views to the north. Designed with great attention to detail, the luxurious space is maximized to create a light serene feel with entertainment in mind aloft the bustling metropolis below, boasting sweeping vistas of the Mediterranean from the 4th floor up. It sure adds its signature to a Limassol neighborhood synonymous with exceptional exclusivity, and yet easy access.

Cedars Oasis is backed by international real estate developers and investors who are fully-funded, and who have track-records that extend decades of building towering landmarks of luxurious commercial and residential centers throughout the Middle East. All our owners are unshackled by the unfortunate legacies of the Cyprus financial crisis, and thus Cedars Oasis will be entirely unencumbered and able to deliver both product and title deed on time – a unique value proposition currently on the Island.

The project affords owners and tenants the highest ratio of outdoor and underground parking space per unit of capacity of any building in Limassol, coupled with very modern, high-end, and energy-efficient building specifications.

While not sacrificing either luxury, exclusivity or one of the most prestigious locations and address, our pricing is extremely competitive by virtue of how we entered the market.

Moreover, we would boldly state that we offer the leading value proposition for any mixed-use real estate offering in Limassol.

Cyprus boasts one of the most liberal and ambitious immigration-tied incentive schemes of any EU country. Cedars Oasis is partnered with the leading immigration lawyers in the country, who can commingle a unit purchase with a successful application for either permanent residency or even full Cypriot citizenship for the families of our investors.